New Zealand tourist numbers here have levelled off as Kiwis fly further afield to Hawaii and exotic Bali.

As the influence of Asian countries continue to grow in the Pacific region, Cook Islands’ new diplomatic relations with Indonesia will enable an upsurge in migrant workers coming here.

The final straw

Thursday July 11, 2019

Trader Jack’s was the first bar on the island to ban plastic straws, two years ago.

Plan to fix runway in cyclone

Wednesday July 10, 2019

Damage to seawall in previous cyclones highlights airport’s vulnerability.

Opinions remain divided on Immigration’s bid to protect foreign workers from losing their superannuation savings.

Minimum wage to $8

Friday August 02, 2019

Low-income workers’ pay was increased to $7.60 last month and now, government has signed off a further increase to $8 an hour next July. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration is set to launch its five year Statement of Strategic Intentions at Tereora College.

If workers want an increase to the minimum wage, they should be more productive – or face being replaced with technology.

When Ali McQuarie and his friends realised just how crimes like burglary were impacting on their community, they decided it was time to step up – and badge up.

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