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Chinese products promoted here

Thursday June 20, 2019

Companies from China are in the country to promote their products to the local market.

Renowned lagoon tour company The Vaka Cruise was the big winner at the A1 Meitaki Awards on the island of Aitutaki on Friday last week.

The Fijian community in the country has welcomed the latest arrangement between the superannuation Funds in Fiji and the Cook Islands.

With their far-flung territories and distance from global economic hubs, the Pacific islands face significant hurdles in delivering social and infrastructure services to their people. Adding to this challenge are these countries’ narrow economic bases, which limit their ability to collect domestic revenues; their reliance on mostly imported inputs; and their vulnerability to disasters and extreme climate change, the impacts of which can drive up public spending.

The Cook Islands has joined four key copyright treaties with the World Intellectual Property Organisation after handing “instruments of accession” to its director Francis Gurry.

Cooks in disaster-risk study

Thursday May 09, 2019

A team from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) is in the country to inspect some residential and commercial properties in an effort to improve disaster risk reduction.

Demand for assistance across the Pacific and Asia continues to grow in the past year with the Asian Development Bank’s annual report showing new commitments of $21.6 billion in loans, grants, and investments from the bank’s own resources.

Big progress on pay system

Tuesday May 07, 2019

Government’s effort in centralising the payment system to the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management (MFEM) is making “tremendous progress”.

$5b to save our oceans

Friday May 03, 2019

In a bid to rescue the ailing oceans of the world – particularly our Pacific waters – the Asian Development Bank has launched a $5 billion action plan to save the blue continent.

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