Tourism hoping for help

Tuesday March 17, 2020

Government prepares to dip into cash reserves to pay for stimulus package.

Resorts and tour companies are to start laying off staff as the coronavirus causes an unprecedented tourism drop-off.

Tourism will tomorrow discuss ramifications of the coronavirus pandemic on the industry.

New Zealand Prime Minister puts tight new controls on travel to the Pacific – but her national airline makes first cut the deepest. 

Health officials say they’ve done a thorough risk assessment of the 1000-passenger cruise ship Maasdam, ahead of its arrival at Rarotonga tomorrow.

Some islands are unified, some like Pukapuka are bitterly divided by politics – but now, outer islanders have a chance to enrol to vote on determines their future. 

Cook Islands is working on strengthening capability to combat illegal drugs, says Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration.

A United Nations human rights committee grilled the government yesterday about treating people in same-sex relationships as criminals.

More than 100,000 Cook Islanders, scattered around the world like atolls in an ocean. 85,000 in New Zealand. 25,000 in Australia. More dotted around the fringes of the Pacific, the US and further afield in Europe.

Cruise tourists to be evacuated

Wednesday March 04, 2020

The troubled cruise ship MSC Magnifica left two passengers behind in Rarotonga hospital, when it left Cook Islands on Monday night.

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