Seabed metals bound for Belgium

Tuesday September 24, 2019

As calls grow for a moratorium on seabed mining, researchers return from ‘successful’ under-sea exploration. 

The day Vaiana Dance opened her new business was her 23rd birthday.

Seabed mining to offer economic hope

Thursday September 12, 2019

Government has rejected international calls for a 10-year moratorium on undersea mining.

Are you being squeezed?

Saturday September 07, 2019

I often take joy in seeing and buying weird and new imported foods but I never thought about where it comes from and what’s really in it.

Fears flight cuts could hurt Cooks

Saturday September 07, 2019

One of the Pacific region’s biggest airlines Virgin Australia has announced a review of all its routes, as it battles to get out of its deep financial hole.

Bluesky slashes data prices

Thursday August 01, 2019

The Cooks telco is getting ahead of the undersea cable and competition, massively increasing data allowances now – for those who sign up to a plan. 

Pa Enua crafts a Trade Day hit

Wednesday July 31, 2019

Nga Matapo sets up the handmade shell eis of poi poi and the popular ei pupu at the Mangaia Enua stall for the annual Te Maeva Nui BCI Trade Days.

Cooks in top 5

Tuesday July 02, 2019

Cook Islands’ pristine beauty has put it in the top five places to visit in the vast Asia-Pacific region.

New Zealand will support the Cooks to control the remote coastlines of Aitutaki and the vulnerable Pa Enua.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration admits it has had difficulties delivering immigration services over the past three years.

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