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It’s not an easy decision, but the head of the Ministry of Education says the government needs to decide if education is a priority area for the nation’s development, and if so, it needs to be backed up with resources and a long-term plan.

Police patrol boat Te Kukupa is roughly halfway through its journey to Australia, where it is scheduled to undergo a major refit.

CITTI celebrates award winners

Wednesday September 03, 2014

Global telecommunications firm Digicel has announced a proposal for a submarine internet cable linking Pacific nations – an idea that could potentially bring broadband service to the Cook Islands.

Elected leaders and Government Officials have taken notice of a recently released, New Zealand study that claims no adverse health effects result from the addition of fluoride to drinking water.

Electoral petition hearings underway

Tuesday September 02, 2014

Petition proceedings have begun for electoral petitions concerning constituencies in Mangaia and Atiu.

Tens of thousands of dollars will be saved in charter costs after an announcement by the Cook Islands High Court that it will be using Skype when electoral petitions are heard for Manihiki and Penrhyn.

Sanitation meeting for tourism today

Tuesday September 02, 2014

Tourism operators and stakeholders are invited to attend a presentation today on new sanitation system regulations to be introduced in the Cook Islands.

A joint proposal to supply Rarotonga with bulk fuel from a large tanker through an “over the reef” pipeline is continuing to work its way through government bureaucracy.

A foreign-based fuel firm says its efforts to enter a new sector of the energy market is not part of a broader agenda to monopolise the industry in the Cook Islands.

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