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History making Skype session

Tuesday September 09, 2014

The relative distance between Rarotonga and Penrhyn was shortened yesterday, as the two islands were connected via Skype for a High Court hearing.

Officials with Cook Islands Parliament are currently awaiting the outcomes of eight petitions before dates will be finalised for the House’s first sitting since July’s General Elections.

More help for women in business

Sunday September 07, 2014

A government report currently in the process of development aims to play a role in creating new business opportunities for women in the Cook Islands.

A new tourism attraction is giving its customers a workout, a feed, and a lesson in lagoon environments and conservation.

Retracing family footsteps

Friday September 05, 2014

Sandra Bueti and husband Vince recently travelled to the Cook Islands to retrace the footsteps of her father, Neil Cooper, who had visited the South Pacific roughly 70 years ealier. The adventurous Cooper documented his travels with what is now a treasure trove of photos.

The government is continuing its push to eliminate smoking in the Cook Islands.

Petition proceedings concerning constituencies in Mangaia and Atiu ran late into the day yesterday, with no imminent decisions.

Over one tenth of Rarotonga’s ring mains project has been completed.

Two officials with the Cook Islands Parliament recently travelled to Australia to participate in a workshop that aimed to improve gender equality that could be supported in their parliaments.

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