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Miss Aitutaki launch makes history

Tuesday September 01, 2015

A new legacy of pageantry was launched on Saturday with the official opening of the first-ever Miss Aitutaki and the new Miss Aitutaki Pageant Association (MAPA).

Safety takes to the streets

Saturday August 29, 2015

New signs are being posted up on the main road in Rarotonga showing the location of defibrillators for use in emergencies.

11 drunk drivers caught

Monday August 31, 2015

Cook Islands Police confiscated 11 vehicles from drunk drivers over the weekend in the Teau-O-Tonga district.

Show celebrates Miss CI legacy

Monday August 31, 2015

The auditorium was the place to be on Thursday night, as the legacy of Miss Cook Islands was celebrated with fashion, music, art, and beautiful young women. 

The Cook Islands sexual diversity group hoping to decriminalise homosexuality has been met with concern from residents confusing the campaign with a bid for same-sex marriage.

The Miss Cook Islands Pageant Association hosted a fabulous fashion extravaganza on Thursday night to debut their six Miss CI contestants.

Cook Islands art up for auction

Monday August 31, 2015

A strong line up of Cook Islands artwork will be up for grabs at the fourth BCA Gallery catalogue auction tonight.

Four locals took advantage of yesterday’s blue skies and calm seas to voyage around the island on one of Rarotonga’s most unique maritime craft.

Wednesday was an emotional day for those involved in organising the Vaka ki Mururoa campaign against French Nuclear Testing back in 1995.

The Ministry of Health has had enough of the constant road accidents on Rarotonga, some of the more recent ones fatal, and is pushing for change.

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