Moana Sands Group withdraws from partnership program

Tuesday July 28, 2020 Written by Published in Economy
Iaveta Short.  RASHNEEL KUMAR. 20062611/20062612 Iaveta Short. RASHNEEL KUMAR. 20062611/20062612

Moana Sands Group says its withdrawal from a marketing and operations partnership with the Pacific Resort Hotel Group has been amicable, but a necessary result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Moana Sands owner Iaveta Short said they had enjoyed their relationship with Pacific Resort and benefited greatly from their efficient and expert marketing programme.

“The shutdown in tourism has meant that changes have to be made as we remap our path into the future,” he said.

Short said there was much uncertainty out there and their focus is safety first for their people and staff and families

This could only be assured once a vaccine or cure is found, and he did not expect much change until after the coming elections in New Zealand. 

“Elections force the political parties and leaders to focus on what is good for New Zealand – and many tourist towns in New Zealand are calling for attention and for Kiwis to visit them and not go overseas.  That is a reality which we have to live with.  We have to be patient and wait it out.”

Pacific Resort Hotel Group said they were grateful the Cook Islands remains a safe haven free of Covid-19 and anticipated the time they can welcome guests back to the safest little paradise.

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