Holiday rentals worries

Tuesday November 12, 2019 Written by Published in Economy
NZ Tourism Research Institute director Professor Simon Milne. 19111108 NZ Tourism Research Institute director Professor Simon Milne. 19111108

Cook Islands Tourism is set to announce the findings of a community survey that investigated the impact tourism is having on the shift to short-term rentals.


Rental homes offered up as Air Bnb’s on the island for tourists has left hard-working locals without a home.

Cook Islands Tourism began surveying the community online in August this year asking how they felt in regards to short term rentals.

Research and Development Director at the New Zealand Tourism Research Institute, Simon Milne, will be presenting his findings this afternoon at 6pm at the USP.  His findings will cover the International Visitor Survey, the Business Confidence Index Survey and insights from the recent community survey.

Milne has been collecting tourism research in the Cook Islands for over 30 years and has accumulated a wealth of information on the leading economic sector.

In a release from Cook Islands Tourism, Milne said “Tourism is a dynamic industry with exciting potential, but at what cost? Destinations need quality research to help them make the right decisions about the type and pace of tourism development.”

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