Builders go to ground

Thursday November 07, 2019 Written by Published in Economy
The CM Contracting truck on-site in Rarotonga. 19110620 The CM Contracting truck on-site in Rarotonga. 19110620

New complainant says CM Contracting did unsatisfactory work, then went to ground. 


A CM Contracting Ltd customer says she paid $14,000 for a new driveway that washed away after some heavy rain – the fourth unhappy customers to speak out publicly.

The company’s founder Sam Capper has threatened legal action against Cook Islands News and customers.

The Rarotonga customer asked not to be named, for fear of legal retaliation.

She said Capper had told her he could fix her driveway, which flooded whenever it rained.

But when the driveway was completed, it didn’t stand a chance against the rain. She tried to follow up with Capper for months but was unable to get hold of him.

She finally got hold of Capper’s partner, CM Contracting co-director Teau McKenzie, who promised to come look at the driveway and help – but the customer said she never showed up.

“We spent so much money … we have been ripped off and have given up on trying to contact these people,” she said.

She regretted paying Capper, who “demanded the money” in one full payment before the work was finished.

She added that many people were moved by the story in Cook Islands News of Emerar Crummer, 93, and her daughter Jacki Brown, who paid $162,000 to CM Contracting for a home that the company didn’t complete.

The woman now warns other people against using the company.

Capper has returned home to New Zealand, leaving his partner Teau McKenzie, a former Miss Grand Cook Islands, to try to sort out the business.

He could not be reached for comment on the company’s operations yesterday, but CM Contracting’s Cook Islands firm is still operational despite a number of debts reportedly owed to local customers for unfinished work.

Teau McKenzie’s father Ron, who says he is a director of CM Contracting, has referred queries about the company’s alleged debts to his lawyer.

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