Product prices change weekly

Friday January 09, 2015 Written by Published in Economy

This week an annoyed smoke signaller wrote in about their frustrations at the pricing process of produce at CITC Supermarket and Foodland.

The signaller wrote, “CITC Supermarket and Foodland both advertise lower prices for their fruit in the display but overcharge you a lot at the counter.

“Foodland advertise imported peaches at a price of $14.99kg but charge you $25kg at the counter.

“CITC supermarket advertises imported Kiwi fruit at $7.99kg but charge you $11.30kg at the counter!

Come on CITC – stop ripping people off!”

The company’s food group has responded the comment, saying that prices of products change weekly depending on season supply and demand.

“The price of kiwifruit increased this week, however the old price label was not removed. This was an error by our staff. Had the customer notified our checkout operator that the advertised price was $7.99, we would have been happy to make the adjustment at checkout,” a spokesman said.

“At Foodland, the $14.99 price advertised referred to red grapes and it said  “Red Grapes” on the sign.

“Unfortunately peaches were merchandised directly below the sign in the cabinet and the customer must have thought the $14.99 was for the peaches.  

“There was no sign at all for the price of peaches which was an oversight by our staff. The price of $25.00 per kilo is correct.

“We endeavour to ensure that all price labelling is correct and appreciate customer feedback if items aren’t scanned as per the advertised price.”  

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