Bear with us: Te Mato Vai

Thursday December 04, 2014 Written by Published in Economy

Public complaints and criticism of the $64 million Te Mato Vai project has sparked a message to be patient as the pace of the project quickens after a number of setbacks.

In a letter in CINews last week Des Eggleton raised a number of concerns about the project, set to repair the ring main water system on Rarotonga.

Te Mato Vai project manager Latu Kupa said Eggleton made some very valid points in his letter last week, “many of which we would agree with.” 

“However as I pointed out last week too, there have been delays in signing off, and allowing trenches to be filled in, caused by machine failure, the weather played a part too. 

“The machine problem has now been overcome and the weather has improved, and if the public would bear with us you should see the road reinstatement continuing at a much faster pace.”

On the matter of how it is carried out Kupa says, “As project managers we are working as best we can within the parameters of the contract entered into between the government and the main contractors before we arrived on the scene.” 

“I think Mr Eggelton, will understand and appreciate that on big contracts like this involving international companies, different people do things in different ways. 

“That’s not to say one is right and the other wrong, our job is to get the best outcome we can for the best value for the Cook Islands and we’re trying to do that.” 

As of today 16,886 metres of pipeline has been laid, and of these 11,162 metres has been pressure tested at 9 Bars and passed, he said.

With respect to the quality of products used on this project, all the products and materials used in the Te Mato Vai project meet NZ standards – AS/NZS 4130 and AS/NZS 4129 and were purchased from manufactures accredited with WaterMark Certificate of Conformity by SAI Global, he said. - PW

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