Rain delays Te Mato Vai

Thursday November 27, 2014 Written by Published in Economy
Rain delays Te Mato Vai

While the recent rain has been welcome relief for households, it has made work on the $64 million water project difficult.

Head of the Te Mato Vai project management unit Latu Kupa says the recent rain, while a welcome relief for households, has made work on the ring main more difficult, and they sympathise with motorists especially those travelling through Arorangi. 

Workmen have not been able to weld the pipes in the wet and trenching is much more difficult in the rain.

But getting to the wider picture there have been issues with signing off on the construction work, and they are now addressing those through the supervision arrangements they have in place.

Before works cease for the Christmas break they expect to have all the current works filled in.

As each section of the work is completed, tested and signed off, the roadway will be reinstated to the standard it was in before pipe laying began.

So far 16 kilometres of pipe has been laid and 10 kilometres have been pressure tested and filled in or ready to fill in.

The working team apologise for any inconvenience people are suffering and say they are doing all they can to minimize that. 

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