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Funding for homecare services

Thursday August 15, 2013 Written by Published in Economy

Four homecare and nursing services have signed on for further funding from the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

The ADB Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction Project (JFPR) has provided $300,000 over two years to the projects, ending July 2014.

Last year, $167,000 of this was distributed to non-government organisations in Rarotonga, Atiu, Mauke and Mangaia. Representatives from these projects signed on yesterday (Thursday) for further support from the fund.

At the Ministry of Internal Affairs, people working on the projects in the outer islands gave presentations on how the work has been progressing and what has been achieved, followed by the contract-signing ceremony.

The Mangaia Elderbility Project, which received $45,000, provides care and disability services for the elderly. Their support includes encouraging people to take their medication and bathe regularly, monitoring their food intake, cleaning their houses or doing laundry.

The Mauke Homecare Programme also received $45,000 for its work with the elderly.

The Atiu Meals on Wheels project provides one meal a week to 30 people on the island, to support the elderly and disabled. The project received $20,000 to continue its care.

Another ‘meals on wheels’ programme in Aitutaki received $35,000.

Te Vaerua in Rarotonga received $60,000 from the fund to assist with its disability services.

ADB-JFPR national project manager Debbie Ave said the outer island representatives were flown to Rarotonga as part of Internal Affairs’ budget. The presentations followed training workshops on topics such as how to monitor their programmes, the Dangerous Goods Act, the Social Impact Fund, child welfare, disability services and gender.

“They were up-skilled in a lot of different ways. It’s very hard to get our outer islands in for training, so it was great to have them here,” she said.

“These services have become so valuable – it’s become such a huge thing for the outer islands. We hope our political parties support it in the future,” she said of the projects, through which the JFPR fund provides employment for 19 people in the community.

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