Melina Etches

Melina Etches

Nukutere rises through new journey

Wednesday August 07, 2019

The new Nukutere College classroom block is innovative, furnished with fire alarms, tiled floors, modern sturdy chairs and desks, disposal units in its science labs, whiteboards, and a large undercover veranda.

The deputy prime minister Mark Brown aptly said, “each year Te Maeva Nui is impressive,” at the closing ceremony of the nations most celebrated event.

A fitting end to Te Maeva Nui

Tuesday August 06, 2019

The annual cultural festival officially closed yesterday with the pounding of drum beats echoing through the National Auditorium, along with cheers of elation and an impromptu show of dancing skills from Members of Parliament present.

Champion of the blue sea

Saturday August 03, 2019

A vision of remoted-operated sail drones mapping the Cook Islands is just one of the challenges ahead of the country’s new oceans champion.

The world comes to town

Friday August 02, 2019

It was fiery and – just as Te Maeva Nui 2019’s theme demands – International Night was passionate.  

Are chiefs still relevant?

Friday August 02, 2019

Traditional leaders debated their own relevance on the last day of Te Koutu Nui conference.

Cook Islands' dancers took a breather last night from four nights of competition, leaving open the stage for Te Maeva Nui's famous international night.

Traditional leaders have called on government to invest more in border control to combat drug trafficking.

MP Baker home and back to work

Wednesday July 31, 2019

Member of Parliament for Akaoa Nooroa Baker returned home last Monday and has started getting back into community projects with enthusiasm.

Pa Enua crafts a Trade Day hit

Wednesday July 31, 2019

Nga Matapo sets up the handmade shell eis of poi poi and the popular ei pupu at the Mangaia Enua stall for the annual Te Maeva Nui BCI Trade Days.

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