Islands decide Aronga Mana

Thursday August 22, 2019 Written by Published in Culture

The 48th Ui Ariki conference closed with a range of significant matters discussed, including the clarification of which traditional title holders fall under the category of Te Aronga Mana.


The general trend is to include the Ui Ariki, Ui Mataiapo, Tutara Mataiapo, Ui Rangatira, Ui Kavana, Pu Tapere, Are Taunga … and other title names.

Clerk of the Are Ariki Tupuna Rakanui delivered an overview of the final consensus that each island, Vaka or tribe will determine which title holders or positions are their respective Te Aronga Mana.

For some islands, the tribes look at the responsibilities that people hold for particular functions or disciplines (ta’unga), and therefore arrange or bestow their respective status to that of Aronga Mana.

Aronga Mana is noted in the constitution; they are holders of subordinate titles under the Ariki.

With the customs of investitures of traditional titles, the Ui Ariki each session has not adopted any resolution on this particular matter, preferring each Ariki to refer back to their Kopu Ariki and matakainana (tribe), then determine and endorse their investiture practises.

“The aim of this is to see how we can eliminate problems in the future on investing arikis with titles; and we need to be careful about created customs,” he said.

Conclusions agreed upon by the Are Ariki on subjects of concern, will be prepared and presented to the Minister of Culture George Angene for submitting to cabinet.

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