Are chiefs still relevant?

Friday August 02, 2019 Written by Published in Culture
Paul Allsworth. Paul Allsworth.

Traditional leaders debated their own relevance on the last day of Te Koutu Nui conference.


Manavaroa Mataiapo, Phillip Nicholas believes in adaptability. “We must adapt,” he said. “Our chiefly systems must move with the times, but not our essence.”

“We are government in our own right, it’s our authority, we are also the first line of defence.”

He is certain that one must have passion to lead in front, and planting the seeds of passion to help preserve our cultural heritage is imperative, and firmly deems that we must be unrelenting and unapologetic, to speak our minds and not apologise.

Evaluating and critically assessing issues is important. “It’s not easy, we can’t just talk, we have to keep up with the pace in modern society.” He added that the Koutu Nui must think, make plans and keep connected.

Presentations were delivered on the topic by: Lynnsay Francis, Thomas Wynne, Tepaeru Cameron, Tere Carr, Puna Rakanui, Makiuti Tongia and Phillip Nicholas.

Elections of the office bearers also took place. The new executive committee is:
President Tearea Mataiapo Paul Allsworth; Vice-President Tautu Mataiapo James Heather; Vice-President Turi Mataiapo Maria Henderson; Secretary Itaara Mataiapo Noeline Browne; Treasurer Te Pa Rangatira Imogen Ingram; Vaka Takitumu delegates Vaikai Mataiapo Sonny Daniel and Paroro Mataiapo Rongo Preston; Vaka Teauotonga delegates Tiori Rangatira Nooroa Teina and Ngarepa Mataiapo Tai Nicholas; Vaka Puaikura delegates Tikura Mataiapo Tai Kavana and Kaena Mataiapo Taramana Utia; Pa Enua representative Mania Rangitoto Mataiapo Tepaeru Cameron.    

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