Annual festival ends on a high note

Tuesday August 09, 2016 Written by Published in Culture
Drummers from the Mitiaro Enua gave an energetic performance, earning them the award for the best drum beats. PHOTOS: Ministry of Cultural Development. 16080707 Drummers from the Mitiaro Enua gave an energetic performance, earning them the award for the best drum beats. PHOTOS: Ministry of Cultural Development. 16080707

THE WEEK-LONG Te Maeva Nui celebrations ended with a well-attended ceremony at the National Auditorium on Saturday.


The annual festival was another major success this year, featuring some excellent cultural performances at the National Auditorium and demonstrating the nation’s unity.

Colourful celebrations saw people from all walks of life coming together to honour the 51st Constitution Day. Te Maeva Nui celebrations were dedicated to the Ui Ariki and their role in preserving the nation’s traditions and culture.

Ministry of Cultural Development secretary Anthony Turua predicted Te Maeva Nui would continue to grow in the future with many organised events and the addition of more sponsors.

“There are so many people and organisations that I would like to thank,” said Turua.

“This year’s celebrations have been very much successful and now we all look forward to next year. The 2017 festival is going to be much bigger as our family from the Pa Enua will once again be here to celebrate with us.”

Speaking on behalf of all the sponsors, Bluesky country manager Philip Henderson said the business houses and all those who have come forward to support this year’s celebration is proud to have contributed to the Cook Islands culture and for helping the Ministry of Cultural Development host such a successful event.

Deputy prime minister and Cultural Development minister Teariki Heather commended everyone for their support and called on Cook Islands residents to come together as one as the nation looked forward to more Te Maeva Nui celebrations in the years ahead.          - SR

Awards fitting finale to an action-packed week

TE MAEVA Nui came to an end for another year on Saturday, finishing with a flourish as awards were presented at the National Auditorium.

The awards presentation was a fitting finale to a magnificent week of cultural performances and other entertainment, including well-patronised BCI Trade Days at Constitution Park, an excellent Constitution Day ceremony at the auditorium, and the ever-popular float parade.


Best Float:

Infrastructure Cook Islands: National Environment Services 1, Ministry of Health and the Cook Islands Tourism Corporation, 3=.

Te Maeva Nui – Ui Ariki show: Oire Nikao 1, Vaka Puaikura 2, Araura Enua 3.

Choir Competition - Consolation Prizes: Enua Mangaia, Enua Pukapuka, Vaka Puaikura, Oire Nikao and Vaka Takitumu.

Imene Tuki:

Category A: Vaka Takitumu, Enua Manu, Vaka Puaikura and Enua Mangaia.

Category B: Enua Aitutaki, Oire Nikao, Enua Pukapuka and Tupapa Marairenga.

Pe’e Section:

Category A: Atiu Enua and Vaka Puaikura.

Category B: Enua Pukapuka, Tupapa Marairenga, Oire Nikao, Enua Mangaia and Enua Aitutaki.

Ute Section:

Category A: Atiu Enua, Vaka Puaikura and Oire Nikao.

Category B: Tupapa Marairenga, Enua Pukapuka and Vaka Takitumu.

Category C: Enua Aitutaki, Enua Mangaia.

Kapa Rima Section:

Category A: Nikao Oire, Enua Manu, Tupapa Marairenga and Vaka Puaikura.

Category B: Enua Aitutaki, Enua Mangaia, Enua Pukapuka and Vaka Takitumu.

Costumes Overall: Enua Manu 1, Vaka Puaikura 2, Araura Enua 3.

Tangi Kaara: Mitiaro Enua 1, Vaka Puaikura 2, Tupapa Marairenga 3.

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