Pride inspires island clothing venture

Saturday December 13, 2014 Written by Published in Culture
Samples of the stunning and bold ‘Island Pride’ clothing being launched today at the Punanga Nui Market in Avatiu.  14121245 Samples of the stunning and bold ‘Island Pride’ clothing being launched today at the Punanga Nui Market in Avatiu. 14121245

As island families pack up and move to greener pastures overseas, one local father is doing the opposite and creating a business at home for his two daughters.

Puaikura father Mahai Daniel and his two daughters Dannette (17) and Tiare (19) will launch their ‘Island Pride’ line of island inspired and designed t-shirts and singlets today at the Punanga Nui Market.

Mahai is a graphic designer at CI News and a year ago started up his own graphic designing and custom made printing apparel business, MAD Designs.

The Island Pride apparel line will be launched under MAD Designs and was created to give sisters Dannette and Tiare an opportunity to get business-minded as well as to cater for fashionable young Cook Islanders wanting to show off their ‘island pride’.

 “This was also to create an opportunity for the girls to enter into the business world and give them an idea of what they can achieve if they set business goals,” says Mahai.

Nineteen-year old Tiare is studying to be an accountant and the business will help her get hands-on experience as she continues her studies.

She is the accountant for the new business and hopes one day to start up her own accounting firm on the island. 

Younger sister Danette is an energetic and bubbly young woman who will be the ‘face’ of the apparel line and will be actively promoting and selling the stunning garments under the Island Pride brand.

Researching the market, the entrepreneurs found that there was nothing on the local clothing scene that catered for young islanders full of island pride and so the unique line was created.

Mahai says the new line of apparel is also inspired by what his youthful daughters want to wear.

The Island Pride apparel line has been a year in the planning and its clear from one look at the t-shirts and singlets that pride is what will be felt by those who wear the bold garments. They feature symbolic and iconic designs, motifs and glimpses into legends and stories as well as the traditional and common names for the islands of the Cooks.

So far the entrepreneurs have created clothing that captures the uniqueness of Enuamanu, A’ua’u Enua, Araura Enua and Te Fuinga o Niva in the islands’ own traditional colours. Mahai says he designed the garments to generate pride among the youth that wear them, and  so they have a true sense of belonging to the islands they come from.  

“Anyone can print a name and sell it, but MAD Design has added value to its new line by incorporating symbolic and iconic designs, motif, legends, and stories to its designs,” says Mahai. 

“I wanted to bring back and remind our younger generation of the importance of the names of each island. 

“Our traditional or original names of the islands are slowly disappearing and I wanted to revive them again.” 

The team will continue to develop their design concept to include the remaining islands of the Cooks as well as expand their range of Island Pride apparels to include caps and hooded jumpers.  

Don’t miss out on getting that island pride feeling this weekend and get along to the market and check out the stunning Island Pride garments on sale with the special launching prices of $45 for singlets and $55 for t-shirts.

For more information or to order the Island Pride garments for group uniforms or to learn more about what Island Pride is all about – write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or check out MAD Designs on Facebook.  - MW


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    Do u have a Raro t-shirt with Takitumu/ ngatangiia/Ina & the shark wat Eva u can whack on it like to see. Colours r blue green yellow..... Looking forward to see your designs/ shirt/muscle tops singlet. Seen 2 ladies with their Mitiaro muscle tops/singlet so ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Really like you're style in printing

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