Blooming flowers colour up Te Mire Tiare events

Tuesday November 25, 2014 Written by Published in Culture
Eleanor Ngarua from Papaaroa School still manages to weave an extra head ei after the judging process.   14112410 Eleanor Ngarua from Papaaroa School still manages to weave an extra head ei after the judging process. 14112410

Colourful flowers woven into  neck and head ei and a variety of rare pot plants brightened and graced the Maire Nui Drive yesterday as part of the Mire Tiare festival organised by the Ministry of Culture.

The Mire Tiare festival is an annual celebration of the beauty of flowers in the community. 

Although the Mire Tiare pageant has been excluded from this year’s celebrations, the schools and mama’s still had the opportunity to express their flower creativity at the competition. 

Private and government businesses will also be joining in the festival by decorating and gracing their places with colourful flowers and plants. 

Eight schools on the island competed in the ei making competition and there were five entries for the Mama’s pot plant competition.  

Students had to sew a head and neck ei according to the judging criteria of craftsmanship, neatness of making, creativity, arrangement of flowers and overall appearance.

The schools’ ei making competition helps to promote and sustains the culture in the schools and next year’s celebrations will include a flower arrangement section. 

It is in this division that flower creativity is highlighted.

St Joseph School had a variety of grade five and six students from different ethnic backgrounds who were able to join and relish in the cultural experience.

Students were also able to sell their creations to members in the community and some head ei sold for five dollars. 

The mamas who joined in the competition displayed their six best plants for the judges. 

If you don’t have the love and passion for flowers and plants said  one mama then competitions like this can be challenging and tiring.  

The judging criteria for the pot plant competition includes visual impact, uniqueness, bloom colour, the growth and health of plants, and the overall presentation.

Winners for the schools’ ei making competition along with the winners of the Mama’s pot plant competition will be announced this Saturday at the Punanga Nui Market.      - Aleyna Taripo  

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