Plenty of warning on Te Maeva Nui prices

Friday August 01, 2014 Written by Published in Culture
Te Maeva Nui constitution celebrations have been happening this week. 14071825 Te Maeva Nui constitution celebrations have been happening this week. 14071825

Members of the public were given plenty of notice about the price of Te Maeva Nui tickets and programmes, says the Ministry of Culture.

Audiences have been enjoying the vibrant dances, songs, drum beats and costumes at the National Auditorium this week.

But not everyone has been able to attend Te Maeva Nui.

Complaints have been voiced on a community Facebook page, where one person said the “average Joe” would struggle to buy tickets, let alone pay $15 for a programme.

“I am 100 per cent behind the cultural festival but it's going to cost me nearly NZD$400 to take my kids to watch over the five nights, so this year we’re going to have to choose one or two nights.”

Another person asked what the point was in holding these events if the average family can't even afford to go and watch it.

“Maybe this is something the Ministry of Culture needs to look at seriously. If the purpose of these events is to celebrate our culture and promote our language then make it affordable for everyone.”

The Ministry’s Odile Urirau said Te Maeva Nui ticket prices, which have been the same since 2005, range from $10 to $25 depending on proximity to the stage.

“The closer you are the more expensive it gets.”

She said prices are no cheaper for children but toddlers under two years get in for free.

“There are those who complain, but I always explain that you only have to pay this once a year,” Urirau said.

She said the Ministry tries to warn the community about the costs, so people can prepare well in advance.

“Earlier on in July we went on TV and explained to local people. We have big families here so we have allowed them to come in and pay a deposit so by the time the event actually happens, you only have a small amount to pay.”

She said it’s typical for local people to just wait until the last minute though.

The programmes cost $15 and Urirau said that price is determined by the printing charges. She said that the people complaining are possibly those coming for the first time, who are not familiar with the charges.

Tonight is the last chance for people to get along and see the stunning performances at Te Maeva Nui.


  • Comment Link Mokotia Sunday, 03 August 2014 11:34 posted by Mokotia

    That's the problem, only Rarotonga people will see and hear this on TV or Radio. Talk about 6.30 AM, not popular to my island home (FM). Outer island, stay blind. No wonder my island people do not look forward of coming to the Constitution event. Better off to New Zealand or remain home for the holiday than this yearly event happening in Rarotonga.

    Good luck all to this 2014 event.

  • Comment Link Matt Tauia Saturday, 02 August 2014 23:27 posted by Matt Tauia

    I agree with the Ministry's Odile's comment that it only happens once a year as I brought a couple from Auckland in 2011 for the Constitution and will again bring a group next year so maybe save for the event in advance.


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