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Reigning dance champ not eligible

Friday May 09, 2014 Written by Published in Culture
Dance champion Teariki Mateariki, who has won the dancer of the year title a number of times, did not defend his title last night as he is no longer eligible now that he resides in Australia.  14050928 Dance champion Teariki Mateariki, who has won the dancer of the year title a number of times, did not defend his title last night as he is no longer eligible now that he resides in Australia. 14050928

“He doesn’t qualify for the 2014 competition as he is residing overseas” is the justification of the Ministry of Cultural Development, which disallowed defending champion Teariki Mateariki to take to the stage last night.

Ministry of Culture’s Robert Ioaba explained the rules for the National Dancer of the Year competition have been in place since 2010, and state that all contestants must have resided permanently in the Cook Islands at least three months before the closing date of entry, which was April 17.

Mateariki has been living abroad since June last year and has returned to the island especially for the competition.

Through the week, members of Mateariki’s family, including his mother Nane Mateariki, have raised concerns about what they see is an unfair ruling.

However, Ioaba says that Nane Mateariki was part of the meeting in 2010 that agreed to the rules and regulations of the event.

Ioaba went on to explain that, when reviewing the registrations of dancers for this year’s competition, he did not accept Mateariki’s registration as he did not fill in the registration form but rather his mother.

The competition rule states that all contestants must complete the registration process and sign the documents, however, Ioaba says he believes Mateariki did not fill and sign his form which was completed by his mother.

Further competition rules state that there is no automatic right of entry based on past participation and title held.

Ioaba explains that Teariki was not banned from the competition but disqualified due to not meeting the competition eligibility criteria.

He went on to say that had he had the chance to sit and discuss the issue with Mateariki, the champion dancer would have been invited him to showcase his talents by opening up the competition with a performance and even made the talented dancer a judge.

However, this did not happen as there wasn’t an open and civil line of communication between the ministry and Mateariki family.

“He’s always welcome to join as long as he is residing in the Cook Islands not overseas,” says Ioaba.  


  • Comment Link Tetai Kirikava Saturday, 20 September 2014 23:15 posted by Tetai Kirikava

    Kia orana from New Caledonia, I am a Cook Islander living here in New Caledonia for the last 25 year's and wanting to know about the rules for the Best Dancer of the year and also if our best dancer's from here in Noumea can also join in to competed in the Cook Island best daner of the year... if so can I have a copy of the rules please.

    for further informations my email is Kirikavatetai@hotmail.fr and number telephone is
    00687 87 57 07
    home: 00687 263875


  • Comment Link Nio Jim Mareiti Thursday, 12 June 2014 06:54 posted by Nio Jim Mareiti

    Titia ia te au taleni i roto i toou toto, tei torotoro na te au paenua. Te au ngai tei noo ia e ratou. Te tutu ra ratou,ki tei umere, e tei inangaro maata kia kite,no te tuketuke o te tangi,te reo,te peu e te tutu. Nanave te manava kia kite pu ua i te katoa tana kare i kite. Tae mai ei ki Tumu te varovaro, ki te are karioi. Kua ongiongi i te kakara o te maire. Te kakara o te ei tiare. Te manea o te au maunga. Te manea o te tai roto. Te akaieie o te one tea.Te reka i te tangitangi o te au imene karavia.
    Tukua te kura na te moana o kiva. Aere mai,oro mai ki to taau one one, e taku tama, e taku tamaine. Takaia ra te taua kia pueu te karae,ia koe. Kia kitea toou purotu. Kia rere toou rongo na roto i te au o,te au tuaivi, e taea rava ia atu te au etu i te rangi teitei. I eee koko!

  • Comment Link Cook Islands Dancing Enthusiast Sunday, 25 May 2014 10:48 posted by Cook Islands Dancing Enthusiast

    Yes you are right Rachel King however, if you know the story behind it. Truthfully, the former dance champion was already residing last year in Australia 3 months prior to the comp. But according to the rule: "The current dance champion automatically goes straight into the final" . So they still let the former champion dance last year though he wasn't residing in the Cook Islands and he still qualified to go straight to the finals. Secondly, their rules of this year 2014 didn't come out 3 months before the comp except it came out at the end of April 2014. The dancer had already paid his fare according to the rules of last year and he also just received the rules 2 days before the Seniors comp... Tell me is this fair.... they also had the meeting this year before the juniors and intermediate comp sometime in April... still the rules had not been given out... Should the rules been given out already, he wouldn't have wasted his time....

  • Comment Link Rachel King Sunday, 11 May 2014 08:39 posted by Rachel King

    Rules are rules and the rules are not dictated by one person. However, it still would have been nice to have such a talented performer display his culture to our younger and new talented cook island performers.

    Come home for three months so that you can qualify.

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