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Mangaia displays its culture

Sunday August 11, 2013 Written by Published in Culture
Mangaia displays its culture

Six puna (constituencies) took part in Te Maeva Nui celebrations in Mangaia last week by showcasing their competitive spirit.

The celebrations are a time for Cook Islanders to come together and commemorate the nation’s self-governance through a show of cultural pride.

This year marked 48 years of self-governance for the Cook Islands.

The six puna of Tamarua, Ivirua, Karanga, Tava’enga, Keia and Veitate had been working hard for the past month preparing costumes, composing songs and choreographing dance moves for the items.

The celebrations started on Sunday August 4 with the choir and imene tuki followed by the floats on Monday. Wednesday and Thursday nights were dedicated to the drum dance, action song, pe’e and ute.

The prize giving was to follow the string band competition on Wednesday night.

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