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Alcohol in most road crashes

Tuesday February 04, 2020

The number of reported motor vehicle crashes on Rarotonga dropped last year – but those that happened were more serious.

Woman forgives gunman

Tuesday February 04, 2020

A gun-wielding intruder returned to his victim’s house afterwards, and pleaded for her mercy. Now has asked police to drop charges.

Police plan to muffle loud bikes

Monday February 03, 2020

The Police Service is to target vehicles that aren’t up to scratch – especially those youth riding motorbikes without a muffler.

A homeless drug addict has pleaded guilty to assault after a violent daylight fracas in front of locals and tourists – but witnesses say police charged the wrong man.

Another crash

Friday January 31, 2020

Another day, and another youngster hurt in a road crash.

A young boy was involved in an accident yesterday at the Muri main road. Police confirmed he was struck by a tour operator truck driver; the child was still undergoing medical attention last night. 

Fourth brawler escapes jail

Friday January 24, 2020

A young man has been discharged without conviction after a big drunken brawl between Penrhyn and Pukapuka hostel residents.

Senior defence lawyer Norman George has rejected police concerns that repeat burglars are being allowed out on bail to offend again.

Police say they are being let down by the courts, which put repeat burglars out on the streets again. 

Strict drink-drive enforcement has left police with an unexpected problem: an alleyway full of seized motorbikes whose owners haven’t claimed them back.

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