The Temurimotia fire station has been called out at least five times in the past week to attend fires threatening homes and livestock.

Crown Law has withdrawn two charges against a young father who was accused of smashing a police car and assaulting an officer.

An expatriate worker was convicted and sentenced to 18-months’ probation for a charge of assaulting a female.

Legal assistance

Wednesday June 17, 2020

Terupe Terupe has been advised to seek legal assistance to help him with his case.

Covid-19 affects treatment

Wednesday June 17, 2020

Alleged fraudster Devonne Mitchell’s mental health treatment has been on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Police have been put on notice of an application to drop charges against an alleged drug dealer, amid concerns the prosecution is “shaky”.

A teenager has been convicted and sentenced to 12 months disqualification from driving, after driving a car off the main road in Matavera.

Police intervened in a coward’s punch attack – but the defence say they then arrested the victim instead of the assailant.

There’s another side to the story of the young man accused of drunkenly abusing firefighters.

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