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A young man who is currently in custody has been granted name suppression by the Cook Islands High Court. The decision was made by the Justice of Peace Carmen Temata on Thursday.

Victim ‘thrown’ off balcony

Tuesday March 12, 2019

A three-day trial for a man who is alleged to have intended to cause grievous bodily harm began at the Cook Islands High Court yesterday.

Defence counsel Norman George hopes he will be able assist two young clients who are on a joint burglary charge to understand what they are up against.

Bail rejected for burglary suspect

Saturday March 09, 2019

Two men who appeared on a new burglary charge appeared before Justice of Peace Carmen Temata at the Cook Islands High Court on Thursday.

No conflict of interest: Police

Wednesday March 06, 2019

Cook Islands police have confirmed one of their senior officers, who is related to a man accused of wedding scam, will not oversee the investigation into the matter.

The Cook Islands Police prosecutors have been ordered by the Cook Islands High Court to obtain a psychiatric evaluation for Teremoana Saddler.

A furious foreign worker is warning tourists to be very careful about leaving valuables in their rooms on Rarotonga.

Police name deadliest district

Tuesday March 05, 2019

About 80 per cent of road fatalities over the past 10 years have occurred in the district of Te Au O Tonga.

Lawyer withdraws

Monday March 04, 2019

Defence counsel Mona Ioane’s request to withdraw from a court matter was approved by the Cook Islands High Court on Thursday.

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