Police are investigating the case of an abandoned new-born-baby, allegedly found “in a field” in Turangi on Saturday morning. 

Police arrest seven in just four days…

Wednesday November 14, 2018

Police arrested seven people between last Friday and Monday.

Court order breaches

Tuesday November 13, 2018

Breaches of court orders represent a significant chunk of police prosecutions each month, says police spokesman Trevor Pitt.

When you sell a vehicle you must take care of all of the paperwork involved in the change of ownership – or the consequences could be costly.

Three arrested for contempt of court

Tuesday November 06, 2018

Police arrested a young man for being unlawfully found inside a house during the weekend and are investigating a further charge for an additional offence while in the Titikaveka property.

Commissioner of Police Maara Tetava says he will stand firm on his determination to continue in his post despite what he describes as “apparent aspertions” and doubt cast on his employment last week.

The Cook Islands Police Service says it wants to quash any rumours and speculation about two young males, charged recently with arson. 

Confusion over top cop’s job

Saturday November 03, 2018

Amid rumours this week that police commissioner Maara Tetava had quit his position, confusion remains regarding the status of his employment contract.

Police are advising road users to be very careful during the current period of inclement weather.

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