Counselling helps meth addicts beat their habit; sending them to prison doesn’t

Once bitten, twice shy surely isn’t a mantra repeat drink-driver Teutoba Ariu lives by.

“Licences for broad welfare reasons to do with work and support for their families”

Reoffender pleads for leniency

Tuesday June 04, 2019

A young man who has been remanded in police custody cried out seeking leniency at the High Court on Thursday.

Judge Judith Potter has sentenced Wilfred Dauvois to three years’ disqualification of his driver’s licence stating that he is a menace on the road.

Fined for ‘swerving’

Friday May 24, 2019

A 20-year-old man was yesterday fined $50 for carelessly riding a bicycle.

Tough new drink-driving laws such as immediate suspension of licence if caught driving over the alcohol limit needs a wide consultation before it can be implemented here, says police spokesperson Trevor Pitt.

A foreign worker who recently admitted to abandoning a child under the age of six in Matavera has been ordered to come up for sentencing if called upon the High Court within a year.

Customs tackles illegal imports

Thursday May 23, 2019

Two male adults were sentenced by the High Court on Wednesday after earlier pleading guilty to offences under the Customs Revenue and Boarder Protection Act 2012.

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