Car crashes into roadside graveyard

Saturday August 04, 2018

Police were yesterday still investigating an accident in which a motor vehicle crashed into a roadside graveyard in Arorangi.

Bungling burglar botches break-in

Saturday August 04, 2018

It looked to have been like something out of one of those old-fashioned slapstick crime capers, the silent kind, with maybe a bit of frantic piano-playing every now and then at the really dramatic (or hilarious) moments.

Two fires suspected arson

Saturday August 04, 2018

Police Commissioner Maara Tetava says the Cook Islands Police Service is committing a large amount of resources into investigating the fires which destroyed Friendly Mart, Tex Mart and RaroMart.

Rape accused not guilty

Friday August 03, 2018

A 22-year-old man from Tupapa was acquitted of a charge of rape at a trial before Justice Doherty and a jury this week. 

Robberies worry tourism

Friday August 03, 2018

A spate of robberies targeting accommodation occupied by visitors to Rarotonga has the tourism industry worried.

Top policeman defends team

Friday August 03, 2018

Unwarranted attacks and criticism of the police won't help alleviate the problems and pressures of stopping crime in Rarotonga’s community, says Commissioner Maara Tetava.

Police accused of negligence

Wednesday August 01, 2018

Victims of recent burglaries and an attempted arson have accused police of negligence in dealing with the cases that have been lodged with them.

Targeted operations by the police have nabbed five people for burglary and other crimes as well as netting a further four offenders connected to around 12 stolen electronic items.

Coroner looks into road death

Saturday July 28, 2018

The Cook Islands coroner is looking into the death of a man in a road accident earlier this week.

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