A young man says he falsely accused his friend of burning down stores, hoping police would give his mobile phone back.

A mother and daughter have both admitted charges of common assault, been convicted and ordered to come up for sentencing if called upon in the next six months.

Repeat offender: Send me to jail

Thursday July 25, 2019

A recidivist drink-driver, who opted to get his court matter over and done with, was this week sentenced to two months’ imprisonment.

Young mum in 4-car crash

Thursday July 25, 2019

A 20-year-old mother can no longer drive her child to friends or to the shops, after causing a drunken smash on the main road between Avatiu and Nikao

Reoffender pleads for leniency

Tuesday June 04, 2019

A young man who has been remanded in police custody cried out seeking leniency at the High Court on Thursday.

Judge Judith Potter has sentenced Wilfred Dauvois to three years’ disqualification of his driver’s licence stating that he is a menace on the road.

Fined for ‘swerving’

Friday May 24, 2019

A 20-year-old man was yesterday fined $50 for carelessly riding a bicycle.

Tough new drink-driving laws such as immediate suspension of licence if caught driving over the alcohol limit needs a wide consultation before it can be implemented here, says police spokesperson Trevor Pitt.

A foreign worker who recently admitted to abandoning a child under the age of six in Matavera has been ordered to come up for sentencing if called upon the High Court within a year.

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