Teenagers think they can ‘get away with it.

An alleged violent offender has been refused bail because of concerns at the risk he poses to the community.

A tourism operator has been refused police diversion for allegedly assaulting his elderly mother.

An antiviral drug found to help patients fight off the Covid-19 coronavirus is to be made available to Cook Islands.

Road safety champions are hailing the public restraint and police enforcement that ensured last month had the fewest reported road accidents on record.

The United Nations says violence against women and girls has intensified since the outbreak of Covid-19. 

Rarotonga’s Wigmore’s Farm were looking forward to a fresh supply of tomatoes for their local market – but when their workers went to pick them, they were all gone.

A mother and her son return home to find muddy footprints on the mat – and some odd things missing.

Newlywed charged with trafficking cannabis between New Zealand and Cook Islands.

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