William pleads not guilty

Wednesday November 20, 2019

It appeared to be another busy court day, with a court room full of accused people.  However, it was in actual fact, families in attendance, showing support for a young man.

Beachside theft suspect arrested

Monday November 18, 2019

A male teenager who is facing multiple charges of theft has been arrested by police for failing to follow court orders.

Hit-and-run accused to go to trial

Saturday November 16, 2019

Alleged hit and run driver faces criminal and civil cases.

Clubbers warned of drink-driving

Friday November 15, 2019

Man taken to hospital after going clubbing then crashing his bike. Anneka Brown and Losirene Lacanivalu report.

Tobacco bust prompts crackdown

Thursday November 14, 2019

A tobacco smuggling bust may impact on future travellers’ duty-free shopping. 

The Court of Appeal has increased the prison sentence of a man who threw his friend headfirst over a 2.8 metre balcony, shattering his spine.

Two teenagers who were arrested in connection with the alleged bashing and robbery on Sunday night were granted bail at the High Court yesterday.

‘I could not fight back’

Tuesday November 12, 2019

Police appeal for information to help them track down two violent thugs. 

Father Ina Tipokoroa said he hoped police could make an arrest with the information they have – and called for shop owners to install security cameras so it is easier to catch robbers.

Woman found by bike crash

Monday November 11, 2019

Police suspect alcohol was involved in an unusual motorbike accident.

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