Horror crash!

Monday September 28, 2020 Written by Published in Crime
The remains of the motorbike involved in the Saturday night crash. 20092704 The remains of the motorbike involved in the Saturday night crash. 20092704

Male motorbike driver involved in a horrific crash over the weekend was not wearing a helmet.

A male motorbike driver has been hospitalised in serious condition after a horrific crash in Muri on Saturday night.

The crash saw the motorbike colliding with an incoming Toyota Landcruiser truck along the newly revamped Muri straight road.

Police spokesperson Trevor Pitt said: “The male driver of the motorbike is now in critical condition in intensive care.  The two occupants of the truck received facial injuries.”

Police were called about the crash shortly after 11.30pm, he said.

Pitt said it would be premature to speculate the cause of the accident, adding they would need to take blood samples of those involved in the crash to determine whether it was alcohol related.

He said police also conducted investigations with crash forensics at the scene yesterday to determine who was at fault.

Pitt confirmed the motorbike driver, who last night was in intensive care, was not wearing a helmet.  

The mandatory helmet law comes into force from Thursday with the conclusion of extended two-month grace period. An initial grace period was supposed to end on July 31, but as suppliers struggled to meet the demand for helmets, Commissioner of Police Maara Tetava extended the grace period to the end of this month.

Trevor Pitt earlier said: “The time for warnings is over.” He said police will be issuing an official reminder to the public about the law before officers begin enforcing it.

The new law – which is an amendment to the Transport Act 1966 - requires all motorcyclists to wear helmets or face a fine of $250.

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