Fingers in the till

Friday August 14, 2020 Written by Published in Crime

The owners of the Mareko Islands Creation have expressed hurt and disappointment at one of their staff stealing from the business, after they treated her like family.

At the High Court, Tuakankore Paruru was given a suspended six month sentence on a theft charge. She was ordered to pay her former employer $500 reparations.

Mareko’s owners refused to accept her apology because they wanted her to learn her lesson and not to reoffend in the future.

A complaint was filed with police in January. And last month, Paruru, 43, admitted that she and her co-offender took cash from the Mareko Shop in Panama, on three different occasions

They were both charged with theft as a servant.

Defence lawyer Mark Short submitted support letters for his client. He said she approached the owners of Mareko to apologise but this was not accepted.

He requested leniency.

Justice of the Peace John Whitta said Paruru was discharged from work for mismanagement.

She gave very little detail about the offence, he said. She faced no financial problems but, in her probation report, she said she was tempted to take the cash for her own personal use.

Paruru’s co-offender Matai Taia was sentenced last month and also given a suspended sentence of six months.

They were both convicted and ordered to come up for sentencing in six months if they reoffend and will be called by the High Court.

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