Angry, but not insane

Monday July 27, 2020 Written by Published in Crime

Remanded offender Terupe Terupe’s medical assessment shows he is fit to plead to a charge of threatening to kill and wilful damage.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Fairoa Tararo said the medical report from mental health practitioner Dr Rangi Fariu showed Terupe had anger management issues, but was fit to enter a plea.

Sgt Tararo said the defendant needed to control his anger before he could be released from custody. Terupe had been advised to seek legal advice.

He said the defendant was eligible for legal aid and it was important he got a legal representative as the charges against him are serious.

Sgt Tararo added that despite the defendant’s mother requesting his bail, it was still unsafe for her and he needed to be in custody until the case is dealt with.

The matter has been adjourned to August 27 until the defendant gets a lawyer.

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