Motorcyclist’s head injuries at worst time for hospital

Monday April 06, 2020 Written by Published in Crime

A motorcyclist discovered the hard way that this is a bad time to ride recklessly.


A man was admitted to hospital with head injuries after he crossed the centre-line, without a helmet, and hit another motorbike.

Both Police and Secretary of Health Dr Josephine Herman have warned people to be careful on the roads and avoid drink-driving – because they are consumed with the Covid-19 crisis and do not have capacity to respond to road smashes as well.

The crash happened on the back road at Rutaki, at 5.30pm Saturday.

Police have sought a blood sample to determine whether the man was drink-driving.

“The offending driver was the one injured. He was found unconscious on the road,” said police spokesperson Trevor Pitt.

“The drivers were going in opposite directions, one towards Arorangi and the other towards Titikaveka. One crossed over into the other.”

It comes after police stopped a teenage girl driving a motorbike at 3.30am, who tested double the drink-drive limit.

“This is just the type of incident the Police don’t want to have to deal with,” Pitt said.

“Frontline emergency services, the Police and Te Marae Ora in particular, are focused on keeping the life-threatening coronavirus at bay, and any major road trauma would divert significant resources away from the country’s primary concern.”

“Police Officers are monitoring people’s movements around the island and drivers can expect to be questioned about being on the road, during the night and early morning. So please cooperate.

“The aim is to secure our community while we all persevere with these changes to our lifestyle and social habits. Our safety depends on how well we adjust, so adjust we must.”

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