Repeat crim gets 2½ yrs ‘to think about his life’

Friday March 06, 2020 Written by Published in Crime

Daniel Akama has been sent down for a long jail sentence, after breaking into On The Beach Restaurant in Arorangi, damaging the property and taking a safe box.

His two-and-a-half year sentence reflected not just the severity of this crime – but the fact it was the 10th time he had been before the court.

Justice of the Peace Carmen Temata told Akama to go to the Arorangi Prison and have a think about his life.

Temata acknowledged his early guilty plea but said this was his 10th appearance.

According to the probation report, Akama admitted the cause of his offending was stupidity, and he apologised for his behaviour.

But Temata said he had committed a serious crime and ordered him to serve his prison term. And then, on his release, he is to serve 12 months’ probation. He will not be allowed to leave Rarotonga and he must pay $500 reparations to the restaurant for the damage and missing safe box.

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