Father who alleged police assault further charged

Tuesday February 25, 2020 Written by Published in Crime

Aue Vakatini was looking forward to his charge against a police officer being withdrawn in April.


The complaint against the officer is also expected to be withdrawn.

However, Vakatini was before the court this week, after he was advised that he has been further charged for the same incident.

Vakatini was accused of assaulting an officer and smashing the side of a police car; whereby he was arrested and charged.

The assault allegedly took place in September last year outside the Raro Fried Chicken car park, when Vakatini was talking to his wife and young daughter.

Vakatini was released after a weekend in the police cell – missing out on Father’s Day – and came out of the police cell on a Monday morning with a broken jaw that he said was caused by a police punch.

A mobile phone video footage of the whole incident was on social media.

Confused Vakatini and his lawyer Mark Short were advised by Crown Law’s Metua Okotai that the fresh charge, threatening to kill was related to the same incident.

Vakatini was accused of threatening to kill an officer.

Short requested Justice of the Peace Carmen Temata that the case be adjourned to April 9 where Vakatini’s other matters are to be heard, and a decision on it being dropped are to be confirmed.

Meanwhile the police officer alleged to have assaulted Vakatini is facing charges of indecent assault.

In an earlier report, the suspended officer’s defence counsel Norman George said discussions have been conducted by both parties and a settlement will be reached soon.

George said on the day of the incident, there were fair exchanges of assault and abuse between the officer and Vakatini.

He said both did not act appropriately and were emotionally affected.

George said his client has not hesitated to make any necessary apologies to Vakatini.

The officer is expected to appear on Thursday before the court.

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