Church attacker ‘insane’

Friday September 06, 2019 Written by Published in Crime

A young man accused of wounding a woman in church has pleaded not guilty on grounds of insanity.


Defence counsel Mark Short entered the plea on behalf of Ricky Carlson, who was at home and closely monitored by the Ministry of Health’s mental health team and his parents.

Short told Justice of the Peace Carmen Temata that the matter would be called before Judge Patrick Keane next week.

Judge Keane would determine whether or not the defendant is insane.

Carlson was initially charged for attacking a woman in church in April. On June 22, a 10-page psychiatric assessment showed he was not fit to stand trial and was not competent to enter any plea.

Carlson was released a week ago after being held in a maximum security cell at the Arorangi prison because of his deteriorating mental health condition.

He was released after the High Court received confirmation that a Mental Health team would closely monitor Carlson, with the help of the police, at his home. Any breach would result in him returning to prison.

Carlson’s bail conditions include a 24-hour curfew unless in the company of his father, and to not go to the victim’s residence.

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