Repeat offender finally admits charges

Friday August 16, 2019 Written by Published in Crime

Having been bailed and remanded in custody a number of times this year, repeat offender Paulo Teio has finally admitted to his charges.


He appeared before Justice of Peace Georgina Williams on four counts of contempt of court, two counts each on burglary, unlawfully found, theft, once count of excess breath alcohol and assault on a female.

On July 29 Teio was remanded in custody for breaching bail conditions, so his lawyer Mark Short – at the request of Teio’s partner – did not apply for bail.

In an earlier court appearance, it was revealed that Teio was father to an eight-month old baby and Short had earlier stated that he wanted to help Teio for the benefit of the child.
Short requested that his sentencing be moved to September 25 as he wanted a counsellor to visit his clients in prison.

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