Family dogs shot by a sniper

Friday June 21, 2019 Written by Published in Crime
Dog owners are cautioned to take care of their family pets. 19062013 Dog owners are cautioned to take care of their family pets. 19062013

Fears that someone using a rifle fitted with a silencer is targeting the animals. 

Dog owners on the south of Rarotonga are being warned to keep their pets safe amid reports of family dogs being shot.

Cook Islands Security has cautioned dog owners after several dogs suffered gunshot wounds around Titikaveka.

One dog is currently being treated of at the Vet Clinic in Arorangi after being wounded with a bullet.

The security firm’s managing director Chris Denny said dogs had been shot on private properties off the back road in Tikioki.

There were other family dogs that were missing, and still more taken to the vets with bullet wounds.

He said somebody was using a sniper rifle, possibly with a silencer, to take out family pets. This was both illegal and very dangerous.

One dog was shot on the spine, Denny said.

He had been in touch with Cook Islands Police Service, who told him the gun used could be fitted with a silencer, and they would check the gun registration list.

“It has happened last week and now this week, it is unusual. We continue to patrol this area and we are concerned,” Denny added.

Cook Islands SPCA Stu Beaumont-Orr confirmed coming across a case last week, where a dog was shot on the leg and was found in a ditch.

The owner of the dog immediately took the dog to the vet clinic.

Comments from police were yet to be obtained when this article went to print.

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