Tourist says she suffered attack at Club Raro

Friday June 14, 2019 Written by Published in Crime
Club Raro’s security has been criticised. 19061312 Club Raro’s security has been criticised. 19061312

Australian couple blame resort’s lack of security fences and cameras for alleged bashing and indecent assault, writes Losirene Lacanivalu.

An Australian tourist says she was indecently assaulted by an intruder at one of Rarotonga’s most well-known resorts.

The woman’s husband has spoken publicly, blaming Club Raro’s inadequate security for the attack.

Police have now charged a man over the April 7 incident.

He will appear in the High Court on July 4, accused of burglary, common assault, assault on a female and aggravated assault. He has not been charged with any indecency offence.

This is the second overseas national to lay an assault complaint in the past few months.

Fiji issued an emergency passport to a young woman so she could flee the Cook Islands, where she said she was raped and kept as a sex slave for six years. Police are investigating.

The Australian woman’s husband approached Cook Islands News, after sharing his concerns on social media.

“Club Raro resort had no security fence to stop intruders coming in from the side streets, or cameras installed where we were forced to stay,” he said.

“An intruder sexually attacked my wife and I … Is this news being swept under the carpet?”

Club Raro general manager Donye Numa said she could not comment on the matter because it was before the court, and she did not want to jeopardise a trial.

Police spokesman Trevor Pitt said the matter has not been swept under the carpet as the accused was already before the court.

On June 6, the man appeared before Justice of the Peace Georgina Williams. Defence counsel Mark Short asked for an adjournment to look through the disclosures.

The man has been on bail since his first appearance before the court on April 9.


  • Comment Link Oliver Twist Wednesday, 19 June 2019 15:02 posted by Oliver Twist

    These types of assaults, while despicable, happen all over the world. I find it bemusing that people think the building of a fence is going to deter a human predator. It is sad this happened, but let's allow our justice system to do it's job, exactly the same way justice system processes are accepted in democratic countries including that of these travellers origins, which incidentally has a much higher rate and degree of severity in occurrences such as this. When one travels, there is always an element of risk. It doesn't excuse the offence, but may assist with calming knee jerk reactions without a lot of thought behind them.

  • Comment Link Mii Williams Friday, 14 June 2019 22:39 posted by Mii Williams

    Why wasn't the accused name not released. For all we know he may have been another tourist or a visitor from the outer islands. This kind of scenarios shouldn't be happening at all as it will affect the tourism industry in the Cooks, regardless whether the offender is a local or foreigner it shouldn't have happened. Club Raro and other resorts priority should be the security and safety of their clients foremost.... Cook Islands is one of the top tourism attraction in the world and don't wreck that reputation ...prioritise , standardise, and follow procedures ...tell you what you will be the top foremost....

  • Comment Link Vicki Jones Friday, 14 June 2019 12:04 posted by Vicki Jones

    We stayed at Edgewater for 9 days in May/June & we were really impressed with their security

  • Comment Link Tete Friday, 14 June 2019 11:38 posted by Tete

    Where was her husband,why wasn't he with his wife

  • Comment Link Kai Mareta Friday, 14 June 2019 11:28 posted by Kai Mareta

    With all the robberies at hotels,motels etc you would think they'll upgrade security whether it be thru fencing or otherwise.
    The law needs to be tough on these perpetrators who feel the right to rob & assault the tourists who are helping the economic growth in the Cook islands.
    Come on guys, snap out of want money get a job.
    Rapes and sexual acts have no place in the islands, keep the islands clean. If it was up to me, if I was the judge, I'd shoot the bastards!

  • Comment Link Turoto Ngatoko Friday, 14 June 2019 11:10 posted by Turoto Ngatoko

    That would be right that has security...and i kept telling them that the locals keep wonder around the hotel and it fell on deaf ears...until i took matters into my own hands did the locals stop comming over to club Raro...You got to do something about your security Club Raro or somethi
    ng worse may happen

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