‘Absolute menace’ disqualified from driving

Friday May 31, 2019 Written by Published in Crime

Judge Judith Potter has sentenced Wilfred Dauvois to three years’ disqualification of his driver’s licence stating that he is a menace on the road.


The repeat offender was represented by defence counsel Norman George and the  Crown was represented by Jana Epati when Dauva’s appeared before Judge Potter last week.

He was convicted on a charge of careless driving causing injury.

It was on August 14 last year in Tupapa where the defendant was driving when he allegedly suffered an epileptic seizure behind the wheel, crashing into a number of vehicles.

On a separate charge of careless driving on February 9 this year the defendant drove a motor vehicle on the public road in Tupapa when he allegedly had another seizure and crashed into an ironwood tree.

Judge Potter on the first charge sentenced Dauvois to 18 months’ probation, nine months’ community service and disqualification from driving for three years.

On the second charge he was convicted and discharged.

Epati submitted that the defendant poses a serious risk to others on the road and should not be permitted to drive.

She said with the history of driving offences coupled with carelessness the defendant had demonstrated support for the proposition that the defendant should not be allowed to drive on public roads.

The Crown also submitted there should be reparation of $75 for medical expenses, $7161 for repairs and $2500 for  repairs of a motorbike.

However, defence counsel Norman George said his client does not have the resources to pay for reparations and those seeking such a reparation could take that up in the Civil Court.

Judge Potter said the defendant was supporting a five-year old child and there was no evidence that he had the ability to pay reparation.

She added that the court would not make this order because the defendant did not have the ability to pay.

Judge Potter said although Dauvois had been an absolute menace on the road, she did not want to send him to prison.

“His history indicates that he is a danger to the public behind the wheel of a car, therefore he will be disqualified for a period of three years.”

Meanwhile, Dauvois also faces a charge of rape that he is alleged to have committed last year. The matter has been set for trial in September after he pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Dauvois also admitted guilty to an assault on a female charge. The sentence on this charge has been deferred until the end of the rape trial.       

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