Reoffender plead not guilty to rape

Wednesday May 22, 2019 Written by Published in Crime

Notorious reoffender Wilfred Dauvois has pleaded not guilty to a charge of rape that he is alleged to have committed last year.


The case was brought before Judge Judith Potter at the High Court last week.

Judge Potter said the plea was entered through the defendant’s defence counsel Norman George. She said the trial would be set down in September for a two to three-day hearing.

Details of the matter were not revealed in court.

Dauvois has admitted an assault on a female charge.

It is alleged that on January 18, last year in Tupapa, he assaulted a female.

Judge Potter said the sentencing on the assault matter would be deferred until after the rape trial.

In driving related matters, Dauvois pleaded guilty to a careless driving charge causing injury and a separate charge on careless driving.

On the first charge, it is alleged that on August 14, last year in Tupapa, the defendant carelessly drove a motor vehicle causing bodily injury into another person.

On the second charge, it is alleged that on February 9, this year the defendant carelessly drove a motor vehicle on the public road in Tupapa.

Judge Potter is expected to sentence Dauvois on the driving related matter tomorrow.

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