Diversion for careless driving case

Wednesday May 15, 2019 Written by Published in Crime

A man who was charged for careless driving causing injury could be given the benefit of the doubt and have his case dismissed.


However, this will be decided when he appears before a Justice of Peace on June 20.

Nepote Laudola, who entered a guilty plea to the charge, was represented by defence counsel Mark Short and appeared before Judge Judith Potter at the High Court yesterday.

Police prosecutor senior sergeant Fairoa Tararo said a letter of withdrawal was submitted by the victim and payments for injuries and damages to the motorcycle were made.

Sergeant Tararo said prosecution was now looking at a police diversion on the matter.

Judge Potter said the defendant, 40, has met all the terms and conditions needed to make payments to the victim and in this way has avoided conviction.

She said the alleged incident took place on June 24, last year on the main road in Kavera, Arorangi causing injury to the victim and damaging the victims motorcycle.

“He has co-operated and admitted to the facts of the matter. The victim is content with the outcome. Prosecution has recommended that Laudola is placed in a diversion scheme of the police.

“If Laudola continues to co-operate, the charge will be dismissed,” she said.

She ordered the defendant to pay $50 court costs and adjourned the matter to be recalled before a Justice of Peace.

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