Criminals reoffending on bail – police

Saturday May 11, 2019 Written by Published in Crime

Police says accused criminals are taking advantage of bail laws, asking to be let out of custody so they can work – then committing new offences.


This week, Justice of the Peace Carmen Temata put her foot down, rejecting one alleged thief’s pleas for bail.

Defence counsel Mark Short sought bail for Paulo Teio because he was seeking employment. Police could implement bail conditions if he was allowed out, the lawyer insisted.

But the Police prosecutor, Senior Sergeant Fairoa Tararo, insisted the defendant should be remanded in custody to stop him reoffending.

Too often, Tararo said, defendants sought bail under the guise of employment – then they were arrested again for reoffending.

Teio could enter pleas while in custody, Tararo added, because he was already facing a custodial sentence for each charge.

Justice of the Peace Carmen Temata agreed. She said Teio faced nine charges, including theft, burglary and contempt of court.  She was reluctant to grant bail, considering the number of charges he faced. She adjourned the matter to May 30.

She also remanded in custody another man, who was accused of assaulting a woman in church.

Ricky Carlson appeared on a charge of one count of wounding with intent to injure and one count of assault on a female.

Defence counsel Short advised Temata that he had been in talks with the defendant’s father who had asked that they wait for his psychiatric assessment report.

Short was also arranging another assessment to be held with a New Zealand psychologist who was in the country. He requested the matter be adjourned for a month and, with the agreement of police prosecution, Temata put off the matter until June 20.

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