Custody escapee placed in remand

Monday May 06, 2019 Written by Published in Crime

A youth who escaped from police custody on April 24 after being questioned and arrested at the Avarua Police Headquarters is being remanded.


Tereanu Teava was brought before the court on Thursday charged with escape from custody.

He appeared before justice of the peace John Whitta.

Defence counsel Mark Short said he spoke with the defendant’s grandfather in regards to the matter.

He said although the grandfather was supportive of the grandson, he suggested that the defendant remain in custody.

“He suggested that he remains in custody until I get the disclosure from the police. I have not got any information on the charges. I understand there’s quite a few.”

Short said he needed to review the evidence and any documentation pertaining to the alleged offences the defendant was charged with.

He said he would receive proper instructions from the family after going through the disclosure.

Short said he had earlier warned the defendant that he would not be his counsel if he committed another crime. However, after talking with the defendant’s grandfather he decided to continue as his counsel.

He said another defence counsel was handling Teava’s cases who said that the defendant never makes it to any meetings.

Short said the defendant being in prison would also make it easy for him to see him.

 Teava was previously represented by defence counsel Norman George. He also faces previous charges of contempt of court and burglary.

No plea was entered and the matter was adjourned to May 9.

In another custody matter, Okirua Manuela who was held in remand for damaging his parent’s property was released on bail at the Cook Islands High Court on Thursday.

Manuela appeared before JP Whitta for a fresh charge of wilful damage. He also faces a previous charge of wilful damage.

Manuela entered a guilty plea and will face sentencing next week Thursday on a previous matter.

Defence counsel Norman George said his client is on a usual charge of wilfully damaging his parent’s property.

George said this time he damaged his father’s tractor and previously he damaged the windscreen of his parent’s vehicle.

He said the defendant’s parents continued to visit him in prison for the past two weeks and have instructed him to apply for bail.

Police prosecutor senior sergeant Tuaine Manavaroa did not object to bail. JP Whitta adjourned the matter to May 9 and granted bail.

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