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‘Be responsible’ police tell pupils

Friday February 01, 2019 Written by Published in Crime
‘Be responsible’ police tell pupils

Students traveling to and from school must not take driving responsibilities lightly.

Police spokesman Trevor Pitt reiterated this as school started this week.

“The Police Service conducts traffic enforcement checks daily at various locations all around Rarotonga, and does not target school students specifically. 

“However, students may well be subjected to enforcement measures, so it is advisable not to take driving responsibilities lightly,” Pitt said.

He said police are conscious that the roads will be busier as a result of school-bound traffic and urged all students to exercise care and courtesy while driving. 

Safety helmets are a requirement and keeping to the speed limit is important.

Pitt said the co-operation of all parents and guardians in ensuring the safety of the young drivers is important. 

“The police do not want to see young drivers suffer the consequences of traffic infringements but encourages better driving habits. 

“Drivers aged 16-18 are subject to the conditions of a Learner's Licence.”

He said police officers will also be watchful over careless transportation of youngsters on the back of truck trays and ask that all drivers be sensible in carting their passengers in a safe and secure manner.

Meanwhile, Pitt said younger drivers have started performing better. 

He said according to Health Ministry statistics on crash victims treated by the hospital, drivers 15-24 years old were not the majority of those involved in crashes for the first time compared to previous years.

He added that in the coming weeks, police will be announcing the commencement of the next Rider Education programme for youngsters. 

This programme will be held for students attending Tereora College and Nukutere College.

“The course is aimed at developing safe habits and a better driving culture by targeting those recently or about to become licensed.  Students are taken through comprehensive learning of the rules and undergo practical training”. 

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