Court order breaches

Tuesday November 13, 2018 Published in Crime

Breaches of court orders represent a significant chunk of police prosecutions each month, says police spokesman Trevor Pitt.


The trend shows ongoing problems with the lack of respect by offenders for obeying bail conditions and other measures imposed on them, he says.

“In just one example, a burglary suspect that the police wanted to have remanded into custody last week was again arrested this week for another alleged break-in, Pitt said in a Facebook post yesterday.

He says the 22-year-old man appeared before the court one Friday recently on a joint burglary charge in relation to an incident in Arorangi.

He was not remanded as he had no prior convictions and was bailed at large with conditions.

“But on Thursday, the suspect was back in court after being arrested for another break-in where he was seen attempting to leave a property in Tupapa, on Wednesday. His bail conditions will continue until a court reappearance early next month.

Pitt says breaches of court orders are now being analysed more closely to help identify stringent compliance measures.

Last month, charges of contempt of court represented 14 per cent of the total number of prosecution cases. 

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