Police aim to build on burglary drop

Tuesday September 11, 2018 Written by Published in Crime

Police want to capitalise on the significant drop in reported burglaries last month by continuing to crack down on known offenders and encouraging ways the community can help stop the offending.


Police spokesman Trevor Pitt said August figures showed a big drop in burglaries, with nine incidents reported, compared with 16 in July.

“Last month represents the lowest number of incidents so far this year. The high is January with 18,” he said in a media release.

“The excellent results in August involve a range of factors but centre on the police efforts to nab offenders, who in many cases, are juveniles.”

Taking youthful offenders ‘out of circulation’ had made a major impact last month, although offending was also known to be cyclical, Pit added.

Police had also followed up yesterday on concerted efforts by community groups to work more closely together to prevent crime.

“Recent discussions between the police and representatives from Titikaveka proved very fruitful and the cooperative efforts have been strengthened by positive indicators on a way forward.

Over the course of several months, the Takitumu district had reflected about half of the burglary incidents, raising concerns over the targeting of tourist facilities. But in August, there was only one reported incident in Takitumu, compared with seven in July. The number of holiday facilities victimised also dropped last month, down to four from eight.”

Community representatives had been anxious to get more updates from the police about suspects and suspicious activity in their area, Pitt said.

“The police want to encourage broader collaboration so that information and details are forthcoming from witnesses and observers about suspicious movements around neighbourhoods. The common ground is fostering dialogue, with a boost in communications.

“This week’s talks with the Titikaveka community are now helping to solidify organised input to keeping the villages alert and safe.”

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