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Multiple assault charges heard in court

Saturday August 25, 2018 Written by Published in Crime

Three men were set to appear for sentencing in front of Justice of the Peace Bernice Manarangi at the High Court on Thursday, having already pleaded guilty to a variety of charges, including assault on a female, assaulting a police officer and breaching probation.


Represented by lawyer Norman George, Matapo Oti faced sentencing on seven separate charges, including four counts of driving while disqualified, two counts of breaching probation and one count of driving with excess breath alcohol.

Represented by lawyer Mark Short, Mataora Pukeiti faced sentencing on charges of both assaulting a female and assaulting a police officer, while Pupuke Robati Junior, represented by lawyer Wilkie Rasmussen, faced one charge of assaulting a female.

As well as these, there were also four other assault charges plus one of threatening to kill to be heard on Thursday.

These included a new matter involving a man charged with common assault, another man charged with assaulting a female, assaulting a police officer and wilful damage, and a third man charged with assaulting a female and threatening to kill.

There were also six charges to be heard involving either burglary or theft, plus three charges of forgery and three charges of intent to defraud to be considered.

Of the 28 cases involving 52 charges in total, eight individuals faced a total of 17 driving-related charges, ranging from dangerous driving, driving while disqualified and careless driving, to driving with excess breath or blood alcohol levels and one count of refusing an evidential blood-alcohol test.

Four individuals also faced a variety of drug-related charges, including possession of cannabis, possession of a Class C drug, and one charge of possessing a utensil for drug use.    

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