Police chase down young offenders

Friday August 17, 2018 Written by Published in Crime

A police chase on Tuesday ended at Turangi with the arrest of one juvenile offender and the escape on foot of another young male.


The 15-year-old male caught by the police is facing multiple charges, including five related to breach of court orders, unlawful taking, dangerous driving, and failing to stop on demand.

The juvenile was being tracked down for contempt of court and suspicion of stealing a motorcycle before he was seen and chased by police.

The pair was on a stolen motorcycle and evaded the police until reaching Turangi and falling off the bike. One was then apprehended at that time, while police arrested the other male on Wednesday.

A spokesperson for the Cook Islands Police Service said this latest incident involving young repeat offenders is a concern for them as the court has thus far turned down ongoing requests for remand.

“Bail conditions are repeatedly ignored, forcing the police into a cycle of constantly monitoring and chasing,” said the spokesperson.

“While in breach of the court orders, offences continue to mount up by this particular juvenile.”

            - Cook Islands Police

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