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Bungling burglar botches break-in

Saturday August 04, 2018 Written by Published in Crime

It looked to have been like something out of one of those old-fashioned slapstick crime capers, the silent kind, with maybe a bit of frantic piano-playing every now and then at the really dramatic (or hilarious) moments.


Security camera images posted to the Rarotonga Community Facebook page on Thursday evening detailed the efforts of an offender attempting to open a safe after breaking into both Prime Foods and Vonnia’s in the early hours of Thursday morning.

The man, who at one stage looks directly into the security camera which captured video footage of his crime, had his face partially obscured by a hoodie and bandana, and was believed to have started the burglary while wearing socks on his hands, taking at least one of them off at some point during the course of the break-in.

The main focus of his attention seems to have been a well-secured metal floor safe, which he attempts to break into with a piece of wood, a ladder, and his own bare hands.

“Did he think he was the Hulk or something?” asked one commenter.

A short video clip also posted to Facebook shows the man gently swinging a wooden ladder at the front of the safe, to absolutely no effect at all.

One of the posted images also shows him sitting down at one of the computers in the office he was trashing – looking for a combination to the safe perhaps?

The offender was on the premises for almost three hours, which prompted questions by some online commenters as to where the company’s hired security staff were, as checks were supposed to be made every hour.

An update posted yesterday morning revealed that the bungling burglar had been apprehended by police.

CINews contacted the Cook Islands Police Service for comment on the incident and arrest, but they were not yet able to respond officially, although further information may be released next week.        - SB

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