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JP has big workload at Thursday court session

Monday May 21, 2018 Written by Published in Crime

Thirty cases came up before Justice of the Peace Georgina Williams in the Cook Islands High Court on Thursday last week.


Ten of the cases involved charges relating to assaults or the offering of violence. Seven cases involved thefts or burglaries and six involved charges of excess breath alcohol. The remaining cases involved a variety of other charges.

A man was fined for a “technical breach” of his bail. The man, who faces a separate charge of committing an indecent act, was fined $90.00 including court costs for the contempt of court charge. He will reappear in court on July 5 for the indecent act charge. He received bail with various conditions, including a curfew of 7:00am – 7:30pm. He must also reside at a residence in Turangi.

Another man, who is charged with assaulting a female also received bail. The man’s mother, who is also the victim, pleaded openly in court for her son to be released. The man, who has a history of mental issues, was on prescribed medication whilst in prison. He was released with various conditions and must not consume alcohol or enter a licensed premises.

A visiting judge will be in court next week. The judge will preside over back-to-back trials, as well as a number of other matters.

The rising number of burglaries on the island is a matter of major concern to police, who issue regular warnings to both locals and tourists to keep their belongings secure at all times.

That advice particularly extends to visitors who go to the beach for a swim. They are warned not to leave valuable items on the beach with their belongings while they are in the water.